1. "Publicity campaigns that claim to be “against cancer” seem to get past much critical challenge, to our collective disadvantage. Public health messages should be based on evidence. Their effects need to be proved to affect behaviour in a way that is helpful and not harmful. When medicine mixes with public relations and media campaigns, citizens and patients risk being short changed because their interests are vastly different."

  2. "Teaching women to examine their breasts regularly has been shown not to reduce deaths from breast cancer and actually increases the chances of a benign biopsy result.2 3 It is unfair to tell women that regular self examination will save their lives when it may simply incur anxiety and have the potential to harm. Sound bites, beyond the safety of scientific qualification, can denature evidence."

  3. "[Managers need] to realize that most women suffer from lack of adequate feedback, and not from poor motivation or bad intentions."

  4. "Understand that everyone has some family responsibilities and that a good manager can incorporate absences into his planning, whether they’re due to pregnancy, tennis elbow or a heart attack."

  5. "Take it at face value that a woman who gets an education, shows up every day for work, completes her assignments and is receptive to feedback is, in fact, serious about her job."

  6. "A month or so later, photos which might otherwise be no purported cause for alarm are suddenly sold as evidence that “Gwyn loses scary amounts of weight as divorce takes its toll,” or – if she happens to be smiling – “GP proves that you can get through a break-up and still look fabulous, as she shows off her newly toned body so Chris can see exactly what he’s missing”."

  8. "And if you’re Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin - a kale evangelist and a prominent member of one of the most boring bands in the world – it seems fitting that you would freak out via the medium of “conscious uncoupling”."

  9. "Including advice on how to navigate a divorce in the same breath as announcing your own is very Gwyneth Paltrow."

  10. "All the abandoned infants had illnesses, such as cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome and congenital heart disease, the bureau added. It is thought that many parents abandon ill babies because they fear they cannot afford the medical care required."