1. "…cuando los funcionarios de salud en Colorado, Estados Unidos, presentaron un DIU de bajo costo a las jóvenes con alto riesgo de embarazo: la tasa de embarazo juvenil del estado disminuyó un 40%."

  2. "As Granfield and Cloud point out, the biggest factor aiding people in recovery from drug addiction with or without treatment is their “social capital”—their life resources"

  3. "No amount of window dressing (for that is surely what the HeForShe campaign amounts to, given its entire breadth seems to be asking men to click a button and download a twibbon) is going to change the systemic global oppression that results in women’s degradation, subjugation and death in persistently high numbers. And it isn’t, as some have suggested, “tearing another woman down” to want to discuss that reality."

  4. "It’s telling that a second speech delivered by the UN Women director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka has received little to no traction, and not just because she lacks the star power of a well intentioned celebrity. Mlambo-Ngcuka’s speech made no secret of what violence and gender oppression looked like for women, nor which group - men - was overwhelmingly responsible for causing it. Yet none of the facts or chilling statistics referenced by Mlambo-Ngcuka have even been incorporated in the HeForShe website, which is a confusing mess of meaningless platitudes and simplistic quotes."

  5. "Whatever benefits Watson’s speech may have in regard to inspiring a new generation of young feminists (and that is unquestionably an achievement), it is offensive and farcical to suggest that equality and change will come for women “as a natural consequence” of men being supported to get their feelings in order. Unfortunately, ideas like this have begun to bubble up in a feminist discourse which seems to have not only adopted a “gently, gently” approach to social and structural change but repositioned the perpetrators of inequality and violence as some kind of vague shadowy cloud and not identifiable groups of people. It’s no longer enough to demonstrate to men the reality of gender oppression through activism and adult dialogue - now we must “engage” them as one would a child, encouraging them to see how behavioural change will also benefit them."
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    Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec as Artist and Model by Maurice Gilbert, 1892 (via)

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  7. Dr. Pretorius’s ballerina in a bottle - “The Bride of Frankenstein” (1935)

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    Jacobi de Ancharano (alias de Teramo) Litigatio Christi cum Belial, verdeutscht - BSB Cgm 48 ([S.l.] 1461)

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  9. "According to a 2002 article in the journal Academic Medicine, the return on educational investment for primary-care physicians, adjusted for differences in number of hours worked, is just under $6 per hour, as compared with $11 for lawyers."

  10. "At the same time, salaries haven’t kept pace with doctors’ expectations. In 1970, the average inflation-adjusted income of general practitioners was $185,000. In 2010, it was $161,000, despite a near doubling of the number of patients that doctors see a day.

    While patients today are undoubtedly paying more for medical care, less of that money is actually going to the people who provide the care."