1. "there is little evidence that strict blood sugar control prevents health problems linked with diabetes. One trial showed the approach reduced heart attacks by 15 per cent, but the participants were younger on average than a typical person with diabetes. Three trials done in relatively older people have shown no benefits. One even showed the approach increased deaths."
  2. Judíos quemados llevando como única prenda el gorro tradicional (Kipá). Hortus Deliciarum, siglo XII. (via Twitter / Libroantiguo: Judíos quemados llevando como …)


  3. "“Early marriage, unattended home deliveries, heavy work after childbirth, improper nutrition, [and] Nepali women’s inability to make decisions regarding their bodies, including how much they can rest after childbirth… all add stress to a woman’s body and are the causes of uterine prolapse,” said public health expert Tirtha Rana, of the Nepal Public Health Foundation, a Kathmandu-based organization that advocates for health development among socially marginalized groups."

  4. "Jeune homme, tu fus lâche, imbécile et méchant. Nous ne te plaindrons pas. Lorsque le soc tranchant A passé, donne-t-on une larme à l’ivraie ? Mais ce que nous plaindrons une douleur bien vraie, C’est celle sur laquelle un tel fils est tombé, C’est ta mère, humble femme au dos lent et courbé, Qui sent fléchir sans toi son front que l’âge plombe, Et qui fit le berceau de qui lui fait sa tombe !"

  5. "It’s the sort of novel you recommend to a grieving friend or coworker out on jury duty—somebody with temporarily disabled critical faculties trying to forget who or where they are. The book’s American setting is surely responsible, in large part, for its appeal in Europe, as is its patina of sophistication—it’s a thriller for people who don’t think of themselves as people who read thrillers."

  6. "The dialogue barely surpasses lorem ipsum in its specificity: “Do you have any change?” “No.” “Keep it, then.” “Thank you, writer.” “I’m not a writer anymore.” And life advice from an alleged literary genius takes the form of shampoo-bottle nonsense: “Rain never hurt anyone. If you’re not brave enough to run in the rain, you’ll certainly never be brave enough to write a book.”"

  7. "Saying that Asian Americans, as a whole, do better in school than black Americans is technically correct. But stopping there—or even opting for simplistic explanations like “Asians are hard-working”—is extremely dangerous."

  8. "When we mark certain groups as high achieving because of their culture, we’re arguing that some groups are low achieving because of culture."

  9. "…some Asian immigrant groups—Hmong, Laotian, Cambodian—have education outcomes that are well below average, which is often ignored when Asians are viewed as a homogenous group…"

  10. "One can explain things so clearly to one’s self! And then, you know, one is so patient with one’s self: one never gets irritated at one’s own stupidity!"